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Aseptic Bottle Filling Machines

Xenos manufactures a standard range of Aseptic Bottle Filling Machines that can be customised specifically to suit your product, your bottles and your brand. 

Key Features:
  • Robust and reliable sterilisation method that provides a high degree of product safety
  • Easy handling of a wide range of bottle shapes in lightweight PET, HDPE and glass
  • Standard bottle size: 200 ml – 1.5 litre, larger or smaller on request
  • Flexibility to fill a wide range of products including milks, juices, teas, coffees and lifestyle drinks
  • Fast changeover times from one product to another and one bottle size to the next
  • Low chemical use and no waste water
  • Compact footprint: All services and controls are mounted on board the filler
  • Advanced simplicity: Our advanced controls and design make our fillers simple to operate
  • Camera Inspection System: Check and reject every bottle that is incorrectly filled or capped
  • Automatic ejection of faulty caps
  • Automatic CIP system for filler internal surfaces
  • Liquid nitrogen dosing: For products sensitive to oxygen
  • Auto CIP nozzle and pipework cleaning system integrated back to product steriliser
  • Complete integration with Xenos’ Product Sterilisers
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyor supply

The Xenos Aseptic Filler range

*Based on 300 days/year, 20 hours/day production time and an 85% overall line efficiency

**Extra filling rows can be added into the filler for faster two-stage filling and specialty nozzles are available for products with particulates

***Extra drying/decontamination lances can be added into the filler where regulations demand lower H2O2 residuals

Product sterilisation

Xenos manufactures dairy and juice steriliser units for processing a wide of range products. Our standard range of units can be further customised specifically to meet your product needs. Product types, batching sizes and plant operation are all taken into consideration to ensure that the most suitable processing solution is used.

Xenos designs and manufactures a range of indirect plate and indirect tubular Pasteuriser and UHT units:

Key Features of Xenos Product Sterilisers
  • Standalone or seamless integration with Xenos’ Aseptic Bottle Fillers
  • No expensive aseptic balance tank required, but can be integrated if required
  • Highly efficient with regenerative heat capture
  • Designed to integrate with your processing needs including separation, homogenisation, de-aeration and the like
  • Fully automated control system, including alarms and data logging that is recipe driven via an HMI touchscreen
  • Skid-mounted, with onboard electrics to minimise installation time
  • Automatic, or semi-automatic integrated CIP system, including filler CIP
  • Simplicity in operation and maintenance

Our standard systems come in sizes up to 6,000 litres per hour (LPH). Custom systems are made above this. 

Contact us to find out more.

Total System Control

Simple, user friendly operation

As technically advanced as our technology is, the whole system is easily operated from our intuitive HMI touchscreen panel display.

All daily operations including start up, SIP (line sterilisation), production, CIP and shut down are all initiated by following simple step-by-step instructions on the touchscreen.

The HMI touchscreen gives real-time operator feedback on system data, CCP data and line operation providing maximum product safety throughout all sterilisation, production and CIP processes. Pop-up instructions provide the operator with step-by-step guidance throughout all of these processes.

System performance monitoring and alarms

All Xenos systems are integrated with software for monitoring the systems critical control points and logging the following performance data:

  • Production performance data including throughputs, stoppages, recipe changes, cleaning and product rejects
  • Process information including all temperatures, pressures and flow rates
  • Automatic product divert and alarm if CCPs are exceeded

This information can exported to existing SCADA systems or Xenos supplied packages.

Service and Support

At Xenos, we understand the importance of building strong relationships and delivering ongoing support so our customers can obtain the maximum value from our products. Wherever you are in the world, Xenos is here to support you, from project planning stages to the end of our products’ economic life.

Project management
  • Total line requirements
  • Processing facilities and plant layouts
  • Detailed operational and capital costing analysis
  • Energy consumption and other utility (air, water, chemical) requirements
  • Compatibility analysis when interfacing with other equipment
  • Specification and procurement of non-Xenos equipment
  • Project management of non-Xenos equipment suppliers
  • Overall project management for complete line solutions
  • All aspects of system operation and maintenance
  • Line optimisation and quality assurance
  • Critical control point information
  • Operation manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Heat treatment plans
Sterility validation
  • Product sampling and analysis
  • System sterility performance validation and acceptance certificates

All Xenos products are tested before they leave our manufacturing facility and are supplied with a full warranty.

Aftersales support, service and parts
  • Specialist technical support personnel are available at Xenos and with our dealer network for support and service. Online remote support is available via the control package supplied with each filler and UHT
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts are held at the Xenos site in New Zealand and with our dealer network
  • Annual and ongoing preventative maintenance service agreements are available on request

For any support query, contact the Xenos Support Team

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