Looking for the solution that allows you to process and package your own long-life products into bottles?

Xenos’ innovative Aseptic Bottling Systems are used around the world for processing and packaging milk products and juices as well as functional and lifestyle drinks.

We’re proud pioneers of the compact Aseptic Bottling System that eliminates the need for preservatives, accommodates a range of plastic and glass bottles, and provides an impeccably hygienic, long-life product.

Why choose Xenos?

Take a look at some of the many advantages of using Xenos’ aseptic bottling technology.

Xenos’ unique method of sterilisation

  • Extremely reliable and effective sterilisation
  • Low chemical use
  • Allows use of lightweight PET bottles
  • Lowest total cost of ownership: capital and operating
  • Flexibility of bottle types and sizes
  • Quick changeover times – From one bottle to another in under one hour
  • Compact footprint – Our machines have an incredibly compact footprint
  • No bottle-rinse waters – Bottles are not rinsed and so further simplifying the process and eliminating the need to dispose of wash waters
  • Advanced simplicity – Our advanced technology gives you simplicity of operation
  • Close-coupled filler and UHT units – We take full care of all sterility performance across the whole system
  • Processing and packaging line know-how – Design and project management for total line solutions
  • Throughputs that meet your sales needs – Add further lines in future years as your sales grow

Since 2003, Xenos Ltd has been at the forefront of the aseptic bottling industry, with a unique range of compact processing and filling systems with a throughput range of 0-6,000 bottles per hour.

Our mission is to revolutionise how the world thinks about long-life packaging, making our technology available to the market so beverage producers worldwide can capitalise on a process that eliminates the need for preservatives, caters for a range of bottles and provides an impeccably hygienic, long-life product.

Xenos’ aim is to remain at the forefront of aseptic bottling technology and we plan to do that the same way we got there in the first place: sticking to our core values of simple, innovative technology, continuing to invest in our people, research and development, and listening to our customers.

Our systems have been installed around the world, allowing producers to increase their market share by offering consumers a greater choice of products, and the many benefits associated with putting them in bottles.

100% Pure New Zealand

Xenos is proud to be a New Zealand-owned and operated company. A sparkling gem in the South Pacific, New Zealand’s reputation for taking innovative technology to the world stems from a flourishing dairy and agricultural sector and an indomitable pioneering spirit. New Zealanders value our clean, healthy environment and we like our food and beverages the same way – the aseptic way!

Contact us

At Xenos we are contactable at any time to respond to your sales, technical and service needs. Talk to us directly at our head office in New Zealand, or with any of our dealers.

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